Tractor Trailed Road Vacuum Sweeper Machine

is to efficiently clean large flat paved areas like street, markets and commercial areas, industries, residential blocks etc. With help of rotating brushes & suction system on the left or right side the dirt is to be lifted off the ground and sucked through the duct through the high-pressure suction system and brushes. It should not return any dust to the environment through proper use of dust suppression system. The machine have heavy-duty diesel operated powerful auxiliary engine for rotating the vacuum blower and operating the various hydraulic systems of the unit.

Excellent performance high dust lifting capacity does not produce dust while cleaning with the help of water sprinkler system.

can work dry roads only
0 to 8 cleaning speed according to dust condition
One sweeping path minimum 7 feet Max. 8 feet
Debris hopper capacity 2 cu.m
Water tank capacity 100 liters (optional)

Advance features of

1. Dynamic and state of the art machine design
2. Anti-theft fully enclosed type engine compartment
3. Road safety and yellow beacon lights for safety purpose
4. Long durability and reliability
5. Ergonomics design for operator for easy to use.
6. Low fuel consumption and high work productivity.
7. Economy maintenance and operation cost.
8. Automatic dust separation filter cleaning system powered by PLC.
9. Cleaning area 16000 sq. meter per hour.
10. Water sprinkle system at rear and each on the top of side brush.(Optional)

Technical Specification of 

Suction Nozzles:

Sweeping Path
7 feet. with duel side rotary brushes
Sweeping Speed
0 To 8 Km/hr Depending on road conditions
Power Source
49.5 hp.  water-cooled Diesel engine with all controls on Control panel
Diesel Consumption
5-6 Liters/ hr. depending on engine hp.
7.50*16 two numbers CEAT /MRF
Single axle
Suction Blower
High performance multi bladed dynamically balanced vacuum fan At 1800 RMP driven with four V-Belts. Mound on two double Spherical Bearings at 2200 RPM approx.
Suction Blower
Two suction Nozzles for picking the dust and other material from Road heaving remote control operated openings for large objects Capable of lifting stones up to 35 mm, leaves, sand and other Material from the road
Sweeping Brushes
One horizontal brush 1524mm long for wide sweeping made have Nylon bristles. Two rotary brushes 440 mm on each side made of Special steel bristles for sweeping debris along the footpath and Central verge. All Brushes are driven directly by hydraulic motors
Debris Hopper
Hopper capacity 2 Cu Mt., Anti Rust Paint inside the Hopper and paint outside of machine.
Unloading of waste material by hydraulically tipping controlled Form the control panel (payload depends on the material)
Hydraulic System
Purpose: powers hydraulic sweeping system and hopper cylinder. Reservoir capacity 55 Lt.
Hydraulic pump belt driven with protection relief valve Control Valve-Solenoid Operated form the control panel. Filtration system 10 micron
Water Sprinkle System
Provided at the rear of machine to sprinkle water on the swept path. Water tank capacity 100 Liters.
Air Filter System
PLC Controlled air pulse jet filter cleaning system
Sweeping Controls
Auxiliary Engine, all sweeping and unloading controls are Provided on control panel. Brushes up down and on off is controlled from the tractor with the help of a remote control
Machine can be trailed with any tractor
Turning Radius
20 feet. With tractor
Wondering Hose
A 12 feet long flexible suction hose 5 inch. Diameter with nozzle is Provided at the rear of machine for manual cleaning in areas where the machine cannot reach.(This wondering hose can be extended up to 50 feet or so.) This wondering hose is capable of sucking loose material from plant roots