Tractor Attached Hydraulic Broomer


  • Tractor attach hydraulic broomer
  • With side brush & water spray system
  • Debris hopper 280 liter capacity
  • Water tank capacity 140 liter
  • Sweeping width 6.5 feet with Rotary brush
  • Attach with three-point link system with any make tractor 50 hp
  • Machine hydraulic drive through tractor p.t.o

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Tractor Attached Hydraulic Road Broomer Machine

1 MODEL T-21 Tractor Attached Hydraulic Sweeper
2 Horizontal Brush One Horizontal Roller Brush Length 1850mm Nylon wire filling with PVC pipe Out diameter 415mm
3 Rotary Brush Wooden Base 400 mm Ground Base 600mm Wire Length 220mm
4 Solid Rubber Tire 200mm OD Qty. 01
5 Pneumatic tire 405mm Qty.02
6 Dust Collector Capacity 280 liter
7 Dust Collector Empty Mechanism Mechanical Through Hand Lever
8 Cleaning Capacity 8500 Sq./m/h depending on dust
9 PTO Drive Tractor PTO Drive to  Hydraulic Pump, Center Brush And Rotary Brush Drive Through Hydraulic Motors
10 Attachment With Tractor Minimum 50 HP Tractor Any Brand, Attached With Rear of the Tractor Through Three Point Link System, attached and Dismount within 5 to 10 minute.
11 Water Pump Piston Type, Belts Drive through PTO Shaft
12 Water Tank Capacity 140 liter
13 Hydraulic Tank Capacity 50 liter
14 Spray Bar One Horizontal long 1800mm with spray nozzle 4 peace
15 PAINT One coat of base primer and two coats of finish enamel paint outside the Complete machine. One coat of Anti rust rubber paint inside the debris hopper
16 Application Sweeping of commercial / industrial roads highways with a sweeping capacity of 5-7 km / hr. with hydraulic unloading / emptying of the collection hopper.