Technical Specification for GNE make Tractor Trailer Gully Suction Machine
Tractor Minimum 50hp Tractor
General Trailer towed suction unit is able to create the vacuum as well as the pressure inside the tank body for siphoning of mud, slurry etc. from the sewage system. The unit is provided with sludge stirring arrangement by which pressurized air is formed into the manhole to silt the material  form solid/ semi-solid to liquid/semi-liquid form and then sucking into the tank
Tank Capacity 4000 liters
Material 5mm thick M.S sheet [material conforming to IS :2062]
Shape Cylindrical shell with knuckle radius dished end.
Construction The Tank is fitted with anti-surge baffles to give dynamic stability to the vehicle. The tank is fitted with thick wall transparent acrylic tubing for sludge level indicator. The tank is interior is coated with epoxy paint for corrosion resistance. The tank is incorporated with cleanout valve. The tank is mounted is such a way that at any point of time load will be disturbed uniformly on the chassis.
Tire 7-50*16
Power By Auxiliary Engine Power By Kirloskar Diesel Engine 6 hp.
Vacuum pump Make/type Indian make rotary vane pump
Free air flow mix 195 CU.M/HR
Max vacuum 90%
Max pressure 1.5bar
Set pressure 0.5 bar
Salient feature natural or forced  convection air cooling in built lubricating pump inbuilt check value inbuilt change over valve asbestos free spark proof vanes

positive displacement of rotary vanes

Tank suction hose Type Heavy –duty spiral bound neoprene kana flex suction hose.
Size 75 mm diameter
Length 15 meters
Tank suction valve Type/size 80mm  ball valve
Discharge valve Type / size 100mm ball valve /butterfly valve
Auto shut off valve Rubber ball float is provided inside the tank body to prevent the water entering into the vacuum pump due to overflowing of the  tank
Secondary safety filter Rubber ball float type secondary safety filter for pump safety which preventing water entering into the pump.
Strainer Strainer is provider in pump suction line for safety
Pressure relief valve INDIAN make a Heavy duty spring type adjustable pressure relief valve to safeguard the tank from excess pressure  creating inside the tank
Extension pipe Metal pipes of different length are provided with quick release coupling. These pipes are attached to reach the required depth of manhole /septic  tank
Quick coupler Imported Italian make quick coupler of sufficient diameter to connect the hose metal pipes.
Compound gauge 100mm dial, pressure ranger: 0-2 kg/cm2, vacuum :0-760mm of Hg
Level gauge Unbreakable sludge/water level gauge fitted throughout the height of the tank.
Rear door Manual openable with hand operated wheel

Airtight heavy duty rubber gasket

Tank mounting Tank is mounted in slope so that the sludge can be discharged by gravity or by pressurized discharge.
Paint Epoxy paint inside the tank body. Two coat of zinc-based red oxide.

Two coat of synthetic enamel